Creative Family Portrait Ideas

We shifted to a new age when it comes to family photography. We no longer use huge photo albums, preferring to keep the information in our computers and only print out the dearest moments of our lives. But is this rapid change good for our memories? 

One of the reasons why families decided to stop creating beautiful photoshoots is lack of novelty. It is quite boring to take your relatives to a studio and make a collective snap of everyone standing with flowers and other prop nonsense. So how do you balance between keeping memories and staying modern? 

Family Photos Are Essential

The reason we shoot collective snaps of our family is to keep them close whenever we feel sad or lonely, or just want to pray gratitude for having such support. They make us feel good. Of course, you can set a family picture as a wallpaper on your phone, but nothing can beat a heartfelt family photo in a beautiful picture frame. It adds a touch of humility and simple happiness to your dwelling.

Best Family Portrait Ideas

1. A leap into the past

Have you ever seen photos where family members recreate their old 90’s shots? Isn’t it adorable and heartwarming? Imagine yourself standing next to your sibling in a cute red dress with a teddy bear, and your mom is babying you two just like the old times? You get the idea. Everyone has funny childhood photos. But recreating them when your heavily bearded twin brother is holding a pacifier would be even more hilarious. These photos can be an internal joke only your family understands. Besides, it is fascinating to see that time goes by so fast, yet you can stay strong together just like the old times.

2. A cooking contest

Best photos have a sense of unpredictability. Arrange a cooking contest between your family members. Dress everyone up as chefs, and give them cooking utensils. Set up the shortest time possible to come up with a culinary masterpiece. Let the photographer capture this family banter and everyone running around the kitchen with floury hands. Yes, you can’t exactly call this family photoshoot “picture perfect”. But what a usual family portrait lacks is the sense of authenticity. Once you start doing something that takes away time to pose and fake a smile, you will see that your photos will come out genuinely happy, have frantic positive energy, and stay a beautiful memory forever.

3. Back to the roots

Invite your household to go camping. Keep it simple with outfits. Just grab some food, tents, and try to merge with nature. In the evening, you can make a campfire, crack jokes, play the guitar and roast marshmallows. Let the photographer do their job and capture your family naturally, without excessive posing and planned decorations. Again, try to make it a good memory.

4. Super Family

This might not be everyone’s favorite, but you should try to dress up as your favorite superhero for a family portrait. Yes, this idea can be quirky and you better not upload this photo to your social media, so that single females online don’t think you’re total geeks, but as a family photo shoot, it can be a perfect idea. Each one of your family members can be a Superman, Cat Woman, Captain America, or whoever they want to be. 

5. Family time

Let the photographer capture you in your natural environment – at home. Play with kids, talk to your elder family members, sit by the dinner table together. Just don’t mind the professional and do what you want to do. You will be impressed by the results. 

6. Family picnic 

Take your family outside when the weather is nice. Avoid too many props. Dress casually and let the photographer capture you preparing snacks, drinking lemonade, listening to music, playing Frisbee, and having a blast. Nature is the best environment to take lively photos. 

7. Family Walk

Just walk with all your family members in a beautiful sunset. Hold hands, jump around and have the time of your life. Or cross the road in Beetles style. Be inventive and genuine when you do these photos.